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I struggle with cooking frozen vegetables in the microwave. I don't want to bother with plastic wrap, because I am afraid of it melting - which has happened once or twice to me.

The other day I remembered we have a 'Micromaster Pressure Cooker,' which, despite its name, does not behave like a pressure cooker. It is more or less a plastic bowl with a vented cover - and you can control the vent. It's surprisingly handy.

So far I've found that cooking up frozen broccoli with some water for three sets of three minutes works pretty well. I open the vent while it's cooking, then close it. I probably should leave the vent closed, but I fear the Micromaster melting.

Incidentally, this is our second Micromaster. The first one melted into an unholy mess when I tried to cook wild rice in it. Wild rice is not actually rice, but is a different thing entirely. It takes a lot more cooking time, apparently, than white or brown rice. I burned a hole in the side of this thing.

I know this dish can be used to cook other things than rice and frozen vegetables, but I'm afraid to try. So maybe I will in the future try making a cake with it. That seems pretty easy.

Here is someone else's review:

Stone Wave Cookbook

I am fascinated by the stonewave cooking pot, though I assume it's more of a gimmick than anything else. However, poking through this recipe book, I was impressed with how it actually appears to be able to cook lots of things in very little time:


I currently have less time than usual, so I am looking to cook everything ASAP. I might look into getting one of these devices.